Is your child showing an interest in Music, but you are struggling to afford the tuition?

Your child may be eligible for a year scholarship through the International Children’s Music Fund.

As a music lover myself, who had limited access to music lessons as a child, it has always been my wish and belied that all children should have the opportunity to gain the gift and appreciation of music. It should not be about their socio-economic status.

It is for this reason, the International Children’s Music Fund was launched (a non for profit organisation) to benefit disadvantaged children and help them gain access to music lessons.

The aim of this organisation is to offer children a 1 year scholarship with the hope of the organisation becoming worldwide over the next 10 years. To qualify for the scholarship, children will need to have an interest in music, meet a required criteria and be ages between 8-18 years of age. Professional tutors will then work with your child to encourage the students musical ability, whether it be singing or playing a musical instrument.

As music lovers, you know supporting this fun will make a difference to a child’s life through music.

Dennis Earl.

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